David's Story

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First Responder | Husband | Patriot Guard Rider

David Householder has lived a life of service.

David first worked as a first responder at Campbell’s Soup starting in 1993 and continued to serve there until his retirement in 2007. Instead of calling it quits, he then jumped into the role of EMT working at Paris EMS in 2007 and volunteering on Volunteer Fire Departments with Lamar Point and Hopewell.

His life on two wheels began at just age 13 on a 1957 Sears All-State Scooter made by Cushman. His love for riding continued into adulthood as him and his wife Susan rode together serving their communities in a variety of ways.

“I prefer short rides. We do a lot of missionary work like toy rides, fundraisers and stuff like that,” said David. “In the winter time, we go on toy rides to collect and deliver toys to kids for Christmas. We go to Goodland Boys Home in Hugo to deliver there.”

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David currently serves as Chapter President of His Wheels Christian Motorcycle Association. Today, he drives a burgundy and black 2015 Can-Am trike and serves as Chapter President of His Wheels Christian Motorcycle Association.

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What’s the hardest part of serving as a First Responder?

“It’s the stuff you see. Seeing people die, knowing there’s nothing you can do to help them.”

What’s the best part of being a First Responder?

“Helping people.”

Who do you most ride your motorcycle with?

“When I was younger I rode a lot with my wife. Now that she doesn’t ride anymore I mostly ride with my brother up in Oklahoma and the CMA.

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Why do you serve?

“I like to help people,” said David. “He’s got up in the middle of the night many, many time to help people. It’s not always easy to do that, but he does it,” said his wife, Susan.

Why do you ride?

“I love it,” said David. “It’s where I do my praying you know? Me and God can just talk to each other while I ride.” “He told me it’s therapy to him,” said Susan. David also serves as a Patriot Guard Rider. Read more about this organization here. (https:// southmainiron.com/First-Responders)